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Here are a few tips to help you prepare. Spend a little time on this now and you’ll benefit!

Think about your casting type and dress for it, don't

worry if you're not sure, I can help you choose but do bring lots of options. Always best to bring more than

you think you need.

Try to avoid big patterns, stripes or logos.
Grey, burgundy and navy are good for starters.

Light colours can work well but don't bring too many really pale or white tops.

Also try layering with other tops. Black garments are good, but bring some other colour options too.

Pick colours that contrast

or compliment your skin tone and eye colour.


Take care with your neck line and be conscious of

how it will look in the final crop. Avoid off the shoulder or strapless tops.

Guys, a shirt is one look only whatever the colour - do bring other options too. Everyone please avoid baggy tops/jumpers that hide your body shape.

This is you on a really good day - bring clothes that make you feel good. Think about your unique selling points.


What makes you, YOU?

Layering - pick tops that

you can throw a shirt over

or a great jacket to give us another look.


No time for ironing - bring your wardobe on hangers or folded nicely in your wheely case, not from the bottom

of your bag!
Keep makeup light and natural, we can always add if necessary but taking away is much harder and use a natural lip colour.

Hair - I’d recommend wearing it down in an

uncomplicated style and change it up as we go.
If you're getting your hair cut, plan in advance and

give yourself a few days after for it to settle in before

your photo session.

Aim to be rested and relaxed. Plan your journey here

so you're not in a rush, try to arrive at least 10 minutes

early so you can gather yourself before the session.

Come prepared and most of all enjoy and be yourself!

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